Stolen Light

Stolen Light is the harsh noise project of Brett Lunceford. His earlier works ranged from harsh noise to experimental ambient. In order to avoid confusion, Stolen Light retained the harsh noise and Goose was created as an outlet for ambient works. Zaftig Research may reissue his earlier works from when he recorded under the name Xenophon, but it would be a bit odd to hear a person associated with unrelenting walls of noise playing music reminiscent of Harold Budd.

What started as an accidental sound experiment has become an obsession. As a general rule, Stolen Light relies on ordinary sound sources, such as voice, plastic bags, and fans, which are then distorted and destroyed. When performing live, Stolen Light uses only a mixer to process sound; there are no pedals, laptops, DATs, or samplers. However, there are fans, compressed air, paper shredders, and a host of other things that are used to create noise in real time. What you see is what you hear. "People are always a bit surprised when they see what I work with. I take great pleasure in taking common sounds and making them unrecognizable."


Stolen Light Eternity and Eschatology Zaft 002
Stolen Light 45 Minutes of Hell Zaft 003
Stolen Light Soundtrack to the film "Goose" Zaft 004
Stolen Light "Goose" Zaft V01
Stolen Light / Petit Mal Split TRO-18
Stolen Light Blind EP Zaft 006
Stolen Light Speed Zaft 007
Stolen Light In Bondage to my Redheaded Goddess Zaft 008
Stolen Light Never Set Me Free, Redheaded Goddess TRO-19
Stolen Light Roadkill Zaft009
Stolen Light / Goose The Line Between Pleasure and Pain Crunch06
Stolen Light Bitter Regrets Zaft 014
CAT / Stolen Light Split Zaft 015
Stolen Light / R4 Split Fusion17
Free Death / Stolen Light Split Zaft 020
IFAU / Goose / Conure / Stolen Light Split Zaft 021
Stolen Light Rip Me Off Zaft 023
Aluminum Noise / Stolen Light Split Zaft 025
Wilt / Stolen Light Split Zaft 026
Stolen Light 73 Years of Darkness FUS026
Stolen Light Conformation Zaft 030
Stolen Light Blind Again 2d03
Stolen Light / Borft Born Light zh27:916


Compilation and Remix Appearances

Compilation Label Track
Merry Christmas Zaftig Research Carol of the Drones
Ants on a Log Hospital Productions Life Is But a Dream, Bridget
An Anthology of Noise Fusion Audio Here I Draw The Line
Hellbox Recordings International Noise Compilation Hellbox Speed Pt. 4
Solipsism 33 Solipsism Frantic
Battery Sentinel 2 Crunch Pod Media Exorcising My Sin
Let It Snow! Zaftig Research All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth
Sonis A Priori Ibol Records Disassembly Language
Tonal Destruction DTA Records Road Rage
Fertilization of the Ovum Bear Walking Untitled
Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men Zaftig Research Santa Goes AWOL
Anno Domini 2002 Zaftig Research Belt Sanders for Christmas (for JMH)
Dark Pathways Vol. 2: Eclipse Crunch Pod Media Sleep Deprivation 3
Winter Zaftig Research Santa's Slay
Blod Seven Blod Magazine Quadrigeminy
HBK Remixes and Versions Crunch Pod Media HBK (Stolen Light Remix)
Cataclastic Fracture, Vol. 2 Deadline Recordings Once Again
Silver Bells Zaftig Research Christmas in Hollis
Il Programma di Religione Boyarm Constantine
Protuberance BT Recordings Something Somewhere
A New Star in the Heavens Zaftig Research The Commercialization of Christmas (den of thieves mix)
Season of Snow and Ice Zaftig Research Some Toys Donít Get to be Christmas Presents