Zaftig Research

If you want to know what other people think about Zaftig Research releases, this is a good place to start. Here we have listed notes about each release, along with reviews from various sources. Click on a link to go directly to that release. This page will be updated regularly, so check back often. Also, if you have questions about a particular release, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Zaft 001  Xenophon  Stolen Light
Zaft 002  Stolen Light  Eternity and Eschatology
Zaft 003  Stolen Light  Soundtrack to the film "Goose"
Zaft 004  Stolen Light  45 Minutes of Hell
Zaft 005  Stolen Light  "Goose" (video)
Zaft 006  Stolen Light  Blind
Zaft 007  Stolen Light  Speed
Zaft 008  Zelifkizum  A Total Ripoff
Zaft 009  Stolen Light  Roadkill
Zaft 010  Stolen Light  In Bondage to my Redheaded Goddess
Zaft 011  Various Artists  Merry Christmas
Zaft 012  Prurient / Goose  Ornamentation
Zaft 013  Goose  Here's Looking At You
Zaft 014  Stolen Light  Bitter Regrets
Zaft 015  CAT / Stolen Light  Split
Zaft 016  R4 / Goose  Split
Zaft 017  Ovum / Goose  Split
Zaft 018  StillStand / Goose  Split
Zaft 019  Goose  Music for Rebecca
Zaft 020  Free Death / Stolen Light  Split
Zaft 021   Imperial Floral Assault Unit / Goose / Conure / Stolen Light  Split
Zaft 022  Various Artists  Let It Snow!
Zaft 023   Stolen Light   Rip Me Off
Zaft 024   Goose   Bart
Zaft 025   Aluminum Noise / Stolen Light   Split
Zaft 026   Wilt / Stolen Light   Split
Zaft 027   Various Artists   Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men
Zaft 028   Goose   Music for Nathan
Zaft 029   Ryu-So / Goose   Split
Zaft 030   Stolen Light   Conformation
Zaft 031   Various Artists   Anno Domini 2002
Zaft 032   Jeye / Chaos As Shelter / Goose   Split
Zaft 033   Goose   Untitled 3"
Zaft 034   Various Artists   Winter
Zaft 035   Various Artists   Silver Bells
Zaft 036   Various Artists   A New Star in the Heavens
Zaft 037   Various Artists   Season of Snow and Ice