Sometimes, noise is a bit too limiting. I am a noise purist - if there are vocals in it, it isn't noise anymore. Frustration with this internal limitation caused me to create Orange. This is what I came up with when I decided to do a power-electronics track as a joke for a mailing list I was on. I enjoyed the creation process and have released a few compilation tracks under the moniker of Orange. Maybe I'll get around to doing a release or a split with some other power-electronics band. Unfortunately, many power-electronics bands do not agree with my manifesto, so it may be a while.

Compilation and Remix Appearances

Compilation / Album Label Track
Silver Bells Zaftig Research Santa Goes AWOL
Il Programma di Religione Boyarm St. Anacletus (Cletus)
Season of Snow and Ice Zaftig Research Christmas in Dixie