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Zaft # Artist Album Price
Zaft 015 CAT / Stolen Light Split $5.00 (limited to 50)
Zaft 016 R4 / Goose Split $5.00 (limited to 50)
Zaft 018 StillStand / Goose Split $5.00 (limited to 50)
Zaft 020 Free Death / Stolen Light Split $5.00 (limited to 50)
Zaft 031 Various Artists Anno Domini 2002 $5.00
Zaft 033 Goose Untitled $3.00
Zaft 034 Various Artists Winter $6.00 (limited to 100)
Zaft 035 Various Artists Silver Bells (2XCDR) $12.00 (limited to 100)
Zaft 036 Various Artists A New Star in the Heavens $6.00 (limited to 100)
Zaft 037 Various Artists Season of Snow and Ice $12.00 (limited to 100)